Who Is David Carlebach Esq ??? Carlebach represents MMSH LLC, an entity in which Nediva Schwarz

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No Disclosure of Connections As Required Under Rule 2014
The Debtor’s bankruptcy counsel has failed to file an affidavit
disclosing all of his
connection with parties in interest as required by Bankruptcy Rule
2014 depriving the court, the
United States Trustee and other parties in interest of the right to
evaluate whether counsel has

disqualifying conflicts of interest. The Debtor’s application to
retain Carlebach as Debtor’s
counsel contained an affirmation of Carlebach, made under the penalty
of perjury, stating that he
is “a disinterested party with no connections to the Debtor’s estate,
their creditors … or any other
party in interest herein.” (D.I. 34-1, Affirmation ¶ 4). That
statement is incorrect, and at best
deficient, because Carlebach represents MMSH LLC, an entity in which
Nediva Schwarz, a
purported creditor of the Debtor, serves as managing member. (3/7/13
Hrg. Tr. at 31:10-32:13).
Carlebach has made no correction to this statement.


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