David Carlebach Esq Performed a Miracle he received money that David baksht did NOT give him


Baksht testified at the evidentiary hearing that he “rarely” needs

to take medications and painkillers. (3/4/13 Hrg. Tr. at 151:3-13). But when

faced with prior deposition testimony harmful to his interests (that Schneorson

had a 50 percent equity stake in the Debtor), Baksht tried to disavow his

testimony on the basis that he was on “strong pain killers” during his deposition.

(Mov. Ex. 15 at 67:20-21, 89:1-4, 145:8-10; Mov. Ex. 5 ¶ 10). A claim of drugaffected

testimony is one of Baksht’s recurring ploys. He again claimed to be on

“very strong medication” when he was deposed on February 26,
photo (1)

The Debtor’s bankruptcy counsel has failed to file an amended affidavit as required under

Bankruptcy Rule 2016. The existing sworn statement filed under Bankruptcy Rule 2016(b)

represented that Carlebach received a retainer of $5,000 from David Baksht. (Mov. Ex. 1 ¶ 4).

Baksht testified that he did not make that payment. (2/27/13 Hrg. Tr. at 24:7-25).

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